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Who we’ve helped

Examples of our recent work in the field of Debt Recovery and beyond
  • Rejected a luxury car for a businessman and consumer where it was unclear if the faults were ‘bad’ enough to allow rejection. Compensation for inconvenience paid on top of £120,000 repayment of purchase price;

  • Settled a financial claim (five figures) for a pension fund against a financial adviser for advising the client to enter an investment that was totally inappropriate for a pension scheme;

  • Defended a homeowner against eviction that also allowed her time to sell her family home;

  • Pursued and defended claims for a commercial client against a well-known lender in respect of complex financial products and loans (total value of claims over £1 million)

  • Obtained multiple HMO Licences (residential leases) worth £250,000 pa in rent for a landlord who had previously rented properties in breach of legislation but had ‘served his time’

  • Pursued an accountant for negligence for failure to submit tax returns over 5 years (very significant settlement figure secured)

  • Pursued a PLC for a sub-contractor for a final payment (£180,000) in respect of works on a well-known hotel.

  • Defended an engineering company against a claim for breach of contract and negligence in testing Oil and Gas equipment;

  • Rejected a piece of tooling equipment that was not fit for specified work;

  • Rejected a high value kitchen for a higher net worth client;

  • Defended an accountant against disciplinary action pursued by his regulator; complaint against him dropped;

  • Defended enforcement action taken by trading standards against a home improvement company where the local authority could not prove that the company’s actions infringed consumer rights;

  • Pursued a company on behalf of former shareholder for dividends that should have been paid to him but were paid to the managing director alone instead (five figure settlement figure). 

  • Pursued various main contractors and customers on behalf of the Administrator of Company where very little paperwork and debts were over 1 year old. Secured payment of £150,000 out of £180,000.

  • Defended a commercial tenant in an action where the tenant argued they had  waived a clause in a commercial lease (Windfarm) that would otherwise entitle the Landlord to evict them for non-payment of rent  (total value of claims circa £2million)

  • Defended alleged Guarantor in action for payment of rent in a commercial lease court action

  • Acted for a Liquidator in pursuing sums due to an insolvent company by other group companies;

  • Secured payment of recruitment agent/agency fees for a London client against well-known main contractor.

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