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Dispute resolution

We take the stress away from disputes affecting people in business

Whyte Fraser & Co are a firm of dispute resolution/avoidance , debt recovery and civil/commercial litigation solicitors regulated by The Law Society of Scotland.


We pride ourselves in being pioneers in the field of dispute resolution and avoidance across Scotland. Our team is regularly involved regularly in contentious work, helping your business with our expertise (in courts and tribunals and with Ombudsman complaints), fighting in your corner to help you get the right result, whether you are pursuing or defending a dispute. We pride ourselves in helping clients to avoid and resolve disputes. We seek to resolve matters away from expensive litigation. We encourage alternative, lower cost forms of dispute resolution. However, sometimes that is simply not possible, and we have amassed thousands of hours of court appearances between us, having dealt with every conceivable type of hearing and dispute throughout Scotland and  beyond - from Stranraer to Wick and from Banff to Lochmaddy. There are few legal road trips (and flights) we haven’t taken.


With our solicitors working on cases in Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness to name but a few major locations, we’re highly skilled and ready to handle any dispute resolution case.


We also have fantastic partners in England who can handle disputes south of the border.


Our dispute resolution experience covers every sector of business including banking, construction, engineering, insurance, businesses (directors and shareholders), energy & natural resources, property, public sector and retail.


We also handle business and company disputes (shareholders, directors, misfeasance, wrongful trading etc) and private client disputes such as those involve death estates and trusts.


Dispute resolution starts with us listening to your situation. We’re in your corner to establish what matters most to you and to help your business. Our lawyers then form a plan of attack, anticipate the opponent’s moves, think fast on our feet and fight for you every step of the way.


Skilled in the Commercial Court, Court of Session and Sheriff Court, tax and other tribunals, ICAS and other regulators, the Financial Services Ombudsman and other Ombudsmen our  proactive approach delivers, and our solicitors offer a personal, direct service. You will a single point of contact with a highly experienced solicitor from start to finish.


We must add that there are alternatives to going to court with dispute resolution. Our team can offer solutions to help you manage risk and save you unnecessary expense. These include round the table discussions, mediation, adjudication, arbitration and expert determination. Utilising Ombudsman complaints processes, utilising our expertise, can also help you resolve your dispute without unnecessary court costs.


It all comes down to our legal team listening to your situation and tailoring the right approach. Whyte Fraser & Company are here to help you get the result you seek!

Examples of core areas where we have dispute resolution expertise

  • Banking and financial services disputes

  • Contentious construction 

  • Corporate, business and partnership litigation

  • Debt recovery/debt recoveries

  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy

  • Intellectual property

  • Licensing

  • Dispute resolution for private clients and individuals

  • Property litigation

  • Judicial review

  • Regulatory and compliance

  • Reputation management

  • Death estates, wills, trusts and executry/executries

  • Reparation and Recompense

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